Thursday, June 6, 2013



Today has been one of those rainy days, the rain comes down hard and stops, than it drizzle's softly, We need this rain for our gardens, grass and for cleansing. I sat out on the porch swing for awhile just swinging back and forth enjoying the rain.
  I had to go out this morning, so I stopped at the grocery store, everyone had their umbrellas up but me. They probably thought I was nuts, but it felt so good to feel it fall softly on my body and actually since my hair has thinned out so much, I could feel it  on my scalp too.
  The reason for going out this morning was to have a Heart Monitor put on. My heart doctor took me off the blood thinner, Comeden because I told him of the side affects I was having with the Chemo drugs. Sooo, he told me to take a baby aspirin a day, but to wear this heart monitor for 24 hours.  He wants to check if  any changes take place by being on the aspirin. I am all wired up with stickies placed on my upper chest. I look so "cool". (not)
   It was so funny this morning, I left the hospital with all these wires sticking out of my sort of a tank top I had on.   I stopped to pick up a few things at the store, and when I was checking out, one of the wires caught on something sharp and the heart box dropped through my top and was hanging down by my knees. The woman behind me looked shocked, I said oh, that is the heart monitor machine and she said," uh, I thought it was a camera." I looked at her strange, and then looked down at the box, for sure it looked like a camera. I said oh no - it's not honest. She moved to another check out line!!!! I looked at the cashier and we both sort of smiled.
    I find myself buying little things to perk me up, this morning I bought blue eyeshadow, what was I thinking! Blue of all shades, but, it is a  pretty blue, and appealed to me.  I'll find out what it looks like on my eyelids tomorrow, my eyelashes have thinned out pretty much, so maybe the blue will brighten up my eyes like it does my spirits.
   I also bought cat food for my Kitty Kat, I swear he is the pickiest eater ever. I believe he would starve to death before he would eat what he sticks his nose up to. We have all tried buying different brands of wet and dry food, what we have found out for sure is that he hates salmon, and beef. Right now he is happy with shrimp and tuna with greens. I bought a different brand of dry food and I am hoping he will like it.
  He is so persnickety. Sometimes he will come up and lay on my lap, or he will try to bite me, or he won't let me pet him at all. He is STRANGE. I really want another lovable kitty kat but am afraid that this one will kill it - honest!
Our first kitty kat, Dakota, was so easy going and lovable, He would fetch the ball when we threw it and bring it back, this one just looks at it and walks away. Dakota let us love him and pick him up and ate anything we put in front of him, so this little one we have now is trying to show us that he is boss!
     Our son and his girl are in California for two weeks. They are in the San Diego area and then heading for Los Angeles. Hope those fires are out by then. He has been to more places then Carter has  little liver pills, I swear. This is the same guy, that as a little boy was sad, because his field trip took him to far away from home! We are happy for him that he now enjoys traveling.
      Tomorrow, Friday I don't have to leave the house, I am hoping to spend it out on the patio reading a book, what are you doing?


Anonymous said...

I'm wondering why the thought of someone wearing a camera freaked out the poor lady... LOL. You should have said, "Smile! You're on Candid Camera!"

-- Laura

Sharon Lippincott said...

I'm still chuckling at the thought of you standing in line with all those wires sticking out and a "camera" dropping out. Too funny! I love YOUR sense of humor.

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