Thursday, April 18, 2013


I'm having my lunch while sitting here watching TV. Listening to President OBAMA.
 I'm eating a can of pitted Black Olives along with Cashews. I think it is a pretty nutritional lunch. What do you think? My drink is a cup of McDonald's coffee. I'm suppose to be drinking water, but I am watered out right now.
 I love Black Olives and could eat a can a day, if not more.Green olives are tasty too, but I can't do a jar of them at all. It is a fulfilling lunch.
    I'm staying away from sugar as much as I can, I'm doing pretty well with that, because we don't have  candy in the house or cookies. What I do keep and am totally addicted to is "Gum". I chew gum like it is going out of style. My flavor of choice is, Juicy Fruit, followed by Double Mint, and/or one stick of both at the same time. I love Bubble gum also, but that is practically all sugar.  So when I feel a craving, I grab a pack of gum and just start out with one, then it might go into two sticks, when the flavor is gone, out it goes and new flavor goes in my mouth..
How can I write about all of this, when the world is in such an uproar?  The reason is that I'm wanting to feel some sort of normalcy to this beautiful spring day. I'm watching the birds as they fly freely by, The cardinal pecking for a worm, seeing the flag move with a gentle tug from the wind.  All the while listening to the President. He has to be feeling pretty frustrated that the person/persons have not been apprehended yet, while I, myself am feeling unsafe for our country.
 Sure his speech comes across strong. Words are just that, words, let's see some action - let them tell us what they are doing to apprehend theses people.
Truly, I have always liked to be in the midst of happenings, good happenings that is. Now I will think twice before I attend functions that draw large crowds. I know something can happen in the smallest of crowds, a small church group, a museum tour, an artist's show. Newman-town.
But most of these hurtful people wont go to the trouble for a small crowd. They want to make a impact on the world - it will happen in a large crowd, such as in Boston.
  Why do they say Boston stands strong?  Of course it stands strong, what else can it do? How could they not? The people who are affected by this tragedy are the ones who have to stand strong in spite of everything, The overwhelming grief, the loss of a limb, the loss of a child, that they brought there, the guilt they must feel. The person who did not take the time to say good morning or give a kiss of good luck or good by.
    Is God trying to tell us something?   What is your opinion?


Sharon Lippincott said...

Eloquently put Dee. I think you speak for many of us. But if we quit going to large events, THEY WIN! Even in the large event, your chance of actually being injured are lower than the chance of being involved in an auto accident on the way too or from.

Be brave, and keep writing!

Kerry Liz said...

Definitely feeling the need for "normalcy" as well. I don't know that God is trying to tell us anything. He has long given us the messages, and we just need to heed them or not. Free will. Strong. You are right; we must all stand strong, hold up our head and our hearts and pray that we use our free will to do right in this world.

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