Saturday, April 13, 2013


My Dearest Friends n Relatives,

I would like you all to know how very, much your thoughtfulness and caring has touched us .Thank you deeply for your prayers and all your generosity,

   The food was more than delicious, and for you to take time to bake it meant a lot to us. As most of you know I have a hard time accepting help in any way, but like this dear person said, it’s our way of showing their caring, and she was glad I caved in and let them cook for us. Thank too, for those who gave gift cards for food that too is a blessing.

   The Flowers, I love flowers and plants, thank you so much for sending and bringing them to me.  I love the balloons, so cheerful; they are still floating high in my living room!

   Cards!, I love to receive cards and send them. Thank you all for the thoughtful, beautiful cards and adding notes to them, and all of you who sent more than one to let me know you are thinking of me. I am so blessed. The phone calls, I love hearing from you Monica dear cuz, and I really appreciated hearing human voices, even when I was crying, you stuck by me - .

  The visits were great, My mentor, my director and boss came to see me twice, it was so nice to be able to sit with her and just talk about everything but work, I appreciate she took time out of her busy days for me. Besides my sons and their family coming to see me , I had these two friends from my writing group come, they were to stay an hour, but I would not let them go - they were such a hoot and had me in pain from laughing so much, It was good to laugh.

   My gym friend is another one who I had good laughs with, she is funny in her own way, I needed her visit that day.

   My two dear cousins, one who does not drive far, like me, came to see me. What a wonderful evening we had. We spent a lot of time looking at pictures of our family. Uncles, aunts, cousins. Many memories came floating back to us. Ron made a delicious dinner for all of us, along with dessert! He is the best, he has too much on him through and I
For all of you who send me comforting e-mails, follow my blog and comment, thank you, For all my friends on Face book that make me laugh every day, thank you and for those who are thinking of me thank you.

    I went for my Neulasta shot this morning, Saturday, I hope I am not one of the ones who get the severe bone pain, but if I do, I have strong pain pills - yikes.

I have the most fantastic Nurse Navigator, she is so caring, thoughtful, giving, and loving. I can talk to her about anything on my mind and my fears. I send her e-mails that she answers, I call her and she answers. She is always there fo rme. She, herself is a Breast Cancer Survivor and understands what all of us are going through. I swear she is my Angel Nurse. I know God picked her as my Navigator.

   Please continue to keep me in prayer, as I have 5 more of these treatments to go through that lasts 3 hours and then the next day for the shot. I will not be done until mid-July. I hope that I will still be here to celebrate our 50th Wedding Anniversary on August 3rd. I intend to be here for a lot longer than that, my goal is to see my oldest grandchild graduate. The doctors say that is doable, but with Triple Negative Breast Cancer you never know.


From your almost favorite friend, or cousin -- - - -Dee

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