Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Cup of Soup and Love

When I was ill as a child, my mom would make special dishes to ease my stomach and entice me to eat.

 Of course the one thing she would always make was home made Chicken Noodle Soup.  The chicken breasts would go into a large pot of water and left to boil. Mom would skim off the fat when it would rise to the top of the pot.
Once the chicken was done, she would use a large slotted spoon to take the chicken out to cool and then pulled all of the meat off. 
While the chicken cooled, the carrots, celery, onion, plus seasonings would be added to the broth, then the chicken. 
It would simmer on the stove and pastina would be added at the end.
The  flavorful smell filled the house, making your taste buds water. Even if you were not sick, you still wanted to have a bowl of that scrumptious soup.

One of the most unusual soft meals made for me was a 3 minute egg and 2 slices of dry toast. The toast was broken up into small pieces and the egg and toast mixed together. It tasted delicious.
My mom also made jello with bananas. I would drink water, tea and gingerale. Depending on what was wrong with me determined if I would get ice cream or not.

Back in the 50tys, home made eggnogs were a popular drink. My mom didn't think twice about using eggs to make it. The way my mom made them was so delicious. Here is the recipe:
 She used milk, two raw eggs beaten until foamy, along with vanilla and sugar. This would make about 2 glasses. I always wanted to have one, and my mom would let me make my own. I can still remember standing by the kitchen table and using the egg beater.
I use to make them for my sons when they were younger.Today I don't make them, because I don't trust the eggs. I do miss drinking them though.

When my sons were sick, I would get a sheet and cover the couch with it, a fresh pillow case on the pillow and a nice snugly blanket. They would lie there till bed time. This way  I could keep an eye on them. They could watch television if they wanted or just sleep. In those days, we had one television. Not like today, where there is one in every room. I gave them a little bell to ring if they needed me.
I would make them the toast and eggs when they were ill, and yes, of course Chicken Soup. I made jello with bananas for them also. I bought them Juicy Juice to drink and gingerale. Back in the day, Juicy Juice didn't exist.

 I know now my mom made all of this with love. The cool washcloth she would lay on my forhead when I ran a fever. The spunge bath she would give me, serving me the food on a tray.

I know I took it for granted,  I should of gave an extra hug or kiss, said thank you for making the good dishes so I would feel better. For making my bed on the couch, and for covering me up with a special blanket. I remember feeling safe and secure, like nothing would happen to me because my mom was taking such good care of me.  

What do you remember about your mom doing when you were ill as a child?

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