Friday, September 7, 2012


   Looking at the calendar I see where this coming Sunday, Sept. 9 is Grandparents Day!
   In my opinion this day should be treated just like Mothers Day and Fathers Day. Though it does not seem to be catching on in this area, or should I say in this family.  I truly don't know if other families celebrate it or not.  
   I know that at our library, the children's librarian planned crafts for the children to make in honor of grandparents, and probably the elementry schools are acknowledging the day.
   I think if the stores would advertise it more by having special sales geared to Grandparents Day, it would make people more aware.
  Heck, my grandmothers and my children's grandparents have done so much in every which way, that it would be an honor to celebrate them. They deserve it. 
  They always make my kids always feel special with their love that is unconditional and by doing for them. I remember that I loved to lay my head on my grandma's bosom. It was like a soft pillow and made me feel secure. My kids never fell off of my mom's ample bosom. But, alas, I can't say the same for my grandchildren. They had to hold on to me for dear life or else they would slide right off! (lol)
   One idea is to  have them for dinner, making it special along with a yummy dessert, and give them gifts made by their grandchildren.
   Ah, there are so many birthdays and anniversaries in our family during  August and September, that I guess we tend to forget about this very special day.
    I hope this day becomes as well known as the other special days we celebrate. It is always fun to plan for special days to celebrate special people and make them happy.
    My grandchildren are so blessed to still have their great-grandmother who is 92, and still as spry in body and mind as a 60 year old.
                                   you are very special

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