Friday, August 31, 2012


The last weekend of summer fun is upon us.
Oh, we will still have warm, sunny days for sure, but, have you noticed? The days are already growing shorter.
  In the mornings when I look out the door, I can see the children standing at the bus stop. I guess they won't be sleeping in late for awhile.
  The sounds of  the kids playing football, soccer, cheer leading and band is what I hear now.There is nothing wrong with this except these are "fall" sports, and I am still in "summer mode." 
  I want to continue to hear the children's laughter while catching lightning bugs, the splashing sounds made as they jump in the pool, the sound of the children's laughter as they run up to the waves crashing in from the ocean. Sleepy hugs I'm really going to miss. I want to recapture the feeling of the beginning of summer, not have it end.
 Where have the days gone? It seems like it is just beginning, and now, I realize it's winding down when I hear the sound of the school bus stopping. 
 I want summer to stay here for just a little while longer,  I still want to smell the flowers while they bloom, I still have plans for projects to do yet this summer. 
  My youngest grandchild will go to school all day this year, I can't believe this little peanut, who has brought such joy in my life, will no longer be spending some babysitting days with me, but be in school instead.
 I guess I have to roll with the flow, ready or not.

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