Sunday, July 29, 2012


 "Sunrise, Sunset", a wonderful song, sort of melancholy. The words are beautiful and makes one think of their children growing up so fast. I think about the song in this way too, but today I thought of a high school classmate.
   I was reading the latest news on the Glassport's Web Site this morning and was sadden to see his name in the obituary. Even though I had heard he was not in good health, it still surprised me to read that he had passed away.  
   He was a good looking teen, with sparkling blue eyes and a ready smile.
Friendly to everyone. He dated a girl in our class for quite a few years, and  reading that he married some one else was a surprise to me. He had just turned seventy years old not to long ago.
   Yes, seventy. I know, when most of you read that he was seventy you will think, "oh, well, seventy is up there."
    Not true, the age might be high, but the person's personality is not that of a old person. We still think young, get excited over little things, have a crush on a t.v. or movie star. We are still "Young at Heart". The words to that song sung by Tony Bennette are so very true.
   Most of my classmates will be turning seventy years old this coming new  year. It is incomprehensible to me how we could be approching this age so  soon. It seems that the years are flying by.
   Why, it seems like yesterday that we were graduating from Catholic grade school to begin our high school years. It seems like yesterday when my mom, a girlfriend and myself went to Pittsburgh to buy my prom gown.
   I know, I have married children who have children of their own, the years have had to pass for all of this to take place, but yet, when I read about Timmy this morning, it brought back my childhood years like it was yesterday.
    Sometimes it is hard to accept that we are not immortal. 

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