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How do I start?  I will try by telling you a little bit about my sons.
Mainly, one in particular.

My youngest son was around two or three months old when I left him sitting in his booster seat on the living room floor. My other little ones were in the living room and I told them to keep a close eye on the baby while I went upstairs to finish dressing.  I had a doctor’s appointment that I was going to as soon as my husband got back home from the store.

I was not even upstairs for a minute when I heard my three frantically calling my name.  I rushed downstairs in my underclothes; the boys started talking all at once, saying my baby was choking on a penny!

 I looked at my baby and he was turning blue, I was beside myself as to what to do. I said something – like, what happened?   Then I just picked him up and feeling how weightless he felt, made me feel scared to death.

 My oldest little boy got out the telephone book to look up the hospital number, while I tried to dislodge the penny. I could not feel anything, and my baby was feeling like a wet rag. I just ran out of the house holding my baby upside down hoping to shake it out of him. I remember yelling,  “help”,” help”, while running next door to the neighbors  pounding on the door. Thankfully, they were home, I handed my baby, upside down to the husband, telling him the problem; he tried to dislodge the penny also, but to no avail. With that, he and his wife said we all should go next door, because the woman that lived there went to nursing school. By this time, my precious little one is literally like a wet noodle, and I am crying.  I’m so scared that I am losing my baby.  The woman was not able to get the penny, but somehow on its own or by God’s hand, it dislodged. I believe God worked a miracle that evening and nothing can change my mind.

It has been almost 41 years since that terrible evening, and we have yet to find the penny, even though the next day the neighbors were outside looking for it.  That same night I did take him to the hospital for an x-ray and they could not find anything remotely looking out of the ordinary.

If you remember, I wrote that I was not dressed, only in my underwear. Therefore, the wife gave me her coat to put on. I did not even realize how I was dressed, or that I ran on rocky hard gravel in my bare feet to get to their house.

<><>&lt;>&lt;> <><>&lt;>&lt;><><>&lt;>&lt;> picture would not transfer from word for me.    <><>&lt;>&lt;><><>&lt;>&lt;> <><>&lt;>&lt;>

Husband - Hello, this is Mr. So n So. Could you tell me if there is a little boy there?

Clerk - Why, yes there is. He is opening and closing the doors for our customers.

 I would like to share with you another story about my youngest. It is about the time his father left him down at the hardware store!
Dad had taken our sons and their friends to the hardware store.
He let them come into the store with him, so he had about 7 kids total with him. For him to let them go into the store with him was extraordinaire.
 When he was done, he hollered for everyone to get in the van. He thought everyone did, until he came home.
At dinnertime, I called for everyone to come in for supper. Everyone came but our littlest. I said to my husband, “Did you leave him down at the hardware store?” My husband said, “No, he came home with us.”
 When our baby was not coming in to eat, I made my husband call down to the store. He asked the clerk who answered the phone” Is there a little boy there?” “Why yes, there is a little boy who is opening and closing the door for our customers.”  “Oh thank you,” my husband said.  “I will be you right there to pick him up.”

It took a while before the boys trusted their dad to go anywhere with him!

Today, I have four wonderful, caring, thoughtful adult sons.  I am so very proud of all of them. They work hard, each of them is in a different type of career, and they are all good at what they do. They are very friendly, caring and loving. They are all special in their own way, and people always tell us nice things about them.

  When we are all together for special occasions, it is the best of times, because we are together and they are all telling stories, jokes, or both. They respect us and appreciate in good humor the fact that I center on my Italian heritage. Even though they are part German, I tell them since I am full Italian that makes them full Italian, they let me get away with it.  If their dad should need them for anything, they make time to be there to help.   My love for them is very strong, even though some of them do not call me every day, or every week.   

  The bottom line in case you have not noticed is that “I love my sons; they are my life, along with their families and my adorable grandchildren.”  When Ron and I were married, I was so blissfully happy to be able to be with him and share our life together. Today, I am blessed in so many ways that I should not complain about anything, ever. However, I always see room for improvement in “my family.” Yes, I consider them” MY FAMILY”, even though they have family of their own; their family is also “my family.”

For instance, it is known that most daughters are closer to their families than sons. However, some sons are close to their parents, more so than the daughters are. In addition, some sons feel closer to their mom’s then their dad and vice versa. 
A verse as old as the hills about sons goes like this:

                “A daughters a daughter the rest of her life,
a son’s a son till he   takes a wife.”

Some parents do not care if their kids keep in touch with them, but their kids care, and feel bad about the lack of parent love shown to them and to their family.
 There are parents that their life revolves around their career so much, that they have no time for family.

What will the family be like in the future is anyone’s guess. Most of us did the best we could. Instilling the importance of religion and family.  How they carry that on is up to them, I hope they teach them to call and check on their mother, even if they have already called their dad!

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