Sunday, May 20, 2012


Way back in May of 1962 I was on my way to a Bowling Banquet with a very special guy in my life.

We were riding along in the car when all of a sudden he pulls
over and stops. I looked at him in surprise and said "is there something wrong?" He said no while reaching for a small bag on the back seat. He put it in my lap and said "open it; I want you to wear it tonight."

 When I saw the small box in the bag my heart started beating real fast - oh yes! I knew what was in that little package and I couldn't believe he was giving it to me tonight.

We both had gone months before to pick out and lay away my engagement ring. We chose Goodman's Jewlery Store in McKeesport. A very upscale and trusted one that everyone went to. Walking in we went right to the case where all the engagemnet and wedding rings were in. Mt. Goodman, one of the sons took care of us, he was wonderful. He didn't try to push us, or show us this or that. He let us take our time in looking and trying on different rings.

There were so many rings to pick from, I sort of knew in the back of my mind the style I wanted. We picked out a beautiful half caret solitaire in white gold. I had tried on many different styles, but always went back to the first one I tried on my finger.
I loved the simplicity along with the elegance of the solitaire. It looked like it was made just for me. It was so very beautiful that I hated to leave it there. But, the happiness I felt had to be enough.

If I was right, my beautiful ring was what was in this little box.
My fingers were trembling as I tried to unwrap the paper, it was wrapped so pretty. He said" here, let me help you with that" and tore the paper off. He opened the box and I gasped as I saw my ring, it was more beautiful then I remembered. 
All I could see was how the ring sparkled when I opened the pretty velvet box. I could feel my eyes filling up with tears.
I just looked at him in awe, I watched as he took it out of the box and slid it on my finger.
I never expected this to be the moment. Oh, my gosh! It looked so  elegant and beautiful on my finger. Better yet it meant that this special guy was going to be all mine for now and forever.

His father owned an upholstery shop and he worked part time there. His job was to strip all the furniture down to the bare wood.
It was surprising for him to see all of the change people had fall out of their pockets and then fell in the chairs and couches, sometimes even green money. He started to save it up and at the end of every  two weeks he went down to pay on my ring. That is how he was able to give my my engagement ring.

It was a  very special and  romantic way to receive my ring.

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Megan D. said...

Love your story, Dee. So's amazing how certain moments stay with us like they just happened yesterday! (And that some things that happened yesterday are already forgotten! LOL!)

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