Monday, February 6, 2012


What a beautiful Monday, the sun is shining brightly on this February morn.  I love February, don't you? I do because I am February's daughter, my grandmother was born in February, my parents were married and my third son and youngest granddaughter were also born this month.
 And of course it's Valentine's Day -  a loving month and the birthstone is awesome - so is the sign "Aquarius -(the water buffalo)."  This is The Dawning of  Aquarius " was a great song back in the seventies and also a musical. Tom & Nancy bought us tickets for the play that was so enjoyable.
 I could not get the song out of my head for days.

A lot of you know that I share my birth date with my mother-in-law. She turned 92 but acts like 52. We have always shared our days together but sometimes we have had individual days. For instance when she turned 90 we celebrated her birthday, the same when I turned 60. Not to many people share the same birthdays. so it's sort of unique. One good thing no one can forget the other's birthday! We usually share the same cake also which is fine by both of us. This year though there were two cakes, that's a lot of cake! Most of it went, thank goodness for little ones.

So here I am at 69, no turning back the pages of time, I will keep going forward as long as God will let me and feel blessed in doing so.
  Some people will think, boy is she old, but I realize that I am blessed to be 69. My goal is to live long enough to see at least one of my grandchildren married. As my dad would always say "God willing and the creek don't rise" I will.
I was 33 when my dad turned 66. It did not seem so young to me at that time. But I realized as the years past just how young that age is.  My dad passed at the  young age of 66.
 He had just turned 66 on March 19 and passed away on April 11th. No time to enjoy his age or the start of his retirement.  My sons missed out on sharing their life with him, he would of loved that and he missed out of sharing his life with them. My mom was a young widow at age 55 and never remarried.

As you follow me on my blog - if you do follow you will see there is no rhyme or reason to what I write about. Some write about gardening, clothes so on and so forth, but me - well I write a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Sometimes I know what I want to write about but sometimes I sit here and have no clue but then it just comes and I start typing.

Thanks for visitng me today, come back again.


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Deb Sanchez said...

I did not know that you share a birthday day with your mother-in-law. How cool is that? I almost do too! My mother-in-law and daughter-in-law were both born on Sept 15. I was born shortly after midnight on the 16th. So...almost.

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