Tuesday, January 24, 2012


  MOVEMENT -  not being still, to go forward - AGELESS- not getting old

 I use to think that age was just a number, I have always been able to do what ever I've wanted, I never thought about my age, I felt ageless and I took for granted the fact that I could walk effortless .

I found out that it's true when they say illness takes a toll on a body. After a life threatning illness, treatments that lasted 5 months.  my heart decided to act up and  do races , that  had to be treated with a minor operation, then the baby parts went bad and all had to be removed. Thats when I realized that illness really does take a toll on the body. I was like a wet noodle for quite awhile.
I am realizing something that I once knew but forgot - A person has to take care of their body, they have to excercise  to make them strong and able to withstand unexpected illness or damaged to their body. I was basically in good shape when all the illnesses started and it still has taken a toll on my body - big time. It's just not what you eat but it's what you do. You have to MOVE
The scars have healed, some reminders show, but the body has never bounced back to what it once was. No longer can I move the way I use to or even walk normally.
  Always been thin and exercising has always been a part of my life, I went to the gym, have had personal trainers,
joined curves and then it all stopped in 2006 - - -I just started back to taking care of my body physically in October of 2011 and it feels good
I find that since I started to exercise I am feeling strength in my arms and legs. Have a little more energy and feel good in my head that I do it 3x's a weeks and am sticking to it..  It does not matter that I have to be there at 7 in the am, even though my energy is low at that time once I am there and see everyone else moving, I have no problem starting.

Today the first thing I do when I hit the mall is to park in Penny's parking lot close to the door, then when I walk in I grab one of their carts that will be my BFF until I leave and am at my jeep. I know Penny's have the carts there so their customers have a place to put their purchases, but I wonder if secretly they had it in the back of their minds that it would help people like me to get around? Whatever - I'm thankful that they are there. I take it all over, even into stores that are kind of small - I get it to fit somehow.

 I have a goal to be able to walk into a store without looking for the cart to get me around, I am working towards being able to walk though Macy's with out a cart and not walking like a snail -then I will work on my next goal of being able to go up and down stairs like the majority of people instead of taking one at a time and holding on to the railing

I am thankful that I am turning 69 even though I now realize that I am not ageless and movement is limited.

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