Thursday, January 12, 2012


It's over for another year. All the hype, the planning, the baking, decorating - its done.
 As my daughter-in-law said "the 3 Kings have left and moved forward". So that's what we have to do, even though our decorations were cheerful and brightened up my day, they are now carefully packed away for another year. It would be so nice if I had a room where it would stay decorated for Christmas every day. I would keep the door closed so I would not tire of looking at it and I would open it whenever I like. It was a wonderful time to spend with family and of course our grandchildren made it so special with their laughter and excitement. Both Christmas and New Years were with family, wouldn't want it any other way as these are the special times we will bring to mind through out the year. 

The cookies are gone, can't even find a crumb thank goodness, along with the nut roll and apricot roll. - A great breakfast in my opinion is a cup of fresh coffee with a piece of nut roll. The nut and apricot rolls are my downfall, no will power whats so ever. This year I can even see extra rolls on my body - so sad, but so good, especially when you only get to taste it one time a year.

I found out that even with exercising 3 times a week, I can't lose weight unless I watch what I put in my mouth.  So I try to keep all  the good stuff out of the house. No chips, no chocolate (sad) and so on but at work it is a different matter. There is always chocolate around and usually something yummy to eat - if I don't see it I am fine but if I see it -nothing but trouble. I have to get off this fixation I have with Pepsi, I am craving it big time.

It's a strange winter we are having this year. One week we have balmy, almost spring like days, then a  few days of winter temperatures with just a dusting of snow -  in this area. Now they are saying we might actually get inches of snow! I am highly doubtful of that forecast, but it excites me anyhow hoping they are right. I love to see the  snow as it lays on the drab looking landscape making all look pristine as it first falls. Of course with the cars and the snow scrappers it doesn't stay that way for long, Unless your fortunate enough to have ground with woods behind you. It's great to hear the kids exciting screams when ever they play in the snow and watching their dogs running around crazy trying catch their flying snowball in their mouth.

As I grow older and my knees play havoc with my legs, I find I am not a confident walker, I am extra careful in the snow. I can understand why older people then myself don't care much to see snow fall if they have to walk or drive in it.

Did you receive a Kindle or Nook for Christmas? How about an i-Pod or i-Phone?  I have all 3 and love the idea of being able to take a book where ever I go by means of sliding it in my purse with almost no weight to it.
There is nothing like holding a real, honest to goodness book in your hands -  but to have the option of taking it in another form is priceless. If you don't have one of the above you truly are missing out. Magazines, newspapers along with books are all at your fingertips.  You can use your library card to borrow a book on your Kindle or Nook - just download "OVERDRIVE MEDIA" and your set. It is all free! Try it - you will love it.

I'm playing Words with Friends with friends and duh and the letters to make words with or my vocabulary is very limited which I doubt - I won't give up - I find it a challenge. If you would like to play a game - I'm here

Check out Sunny Carney's Blog on Face-book or Google her name - you will be introduced to a remarkable woman fighting to make people aware of a rare type of cancer and read about her fight.

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hear that they will make a Bald Barbie, how great is that? The little ones fighting this terrible cancer can now relate with a doll just for them, Hopefully it will make other children and their parents aware of the lives being affected by this terrible monster.

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