Friday, December 2, 2011


It's official - the Christmas season is upon our household! I think this is the first year our tree is up so early and we have our number 2 son, Brian to thank for that. Thanks, Brian - you did a great job. Our lights are out, another first for being early. Our wreaths are also up so, our house is now deemed  decorated and ready for Santa!  We do not have one ornament on our tree, just lights, more lights and red bows - tastefully simple.

Its so nice to come down  the stairs in the morning seeing our tree in our living room - I'm loving it!

That's about all that is done tho - I am at a loss as to what to get our grand kids - they all want electronics, even our youngest I'm not sure what to buy, and I'm even at a loss for our kids.
last year I had a lot of luck on line, but not so much this year. I've added to my gift giving also - 4 more are added on to my list - all for a good cause.

I'm always afraid I will disappoint someone with their gift. Then when you think you found the "gift" - on Christmas you findt out that - nada - nope you didn't find the right gift.  So out come the receipts or the gift vouchers and they have to go back to get what they want. There  should be a law that no one is allowed to return anything unless it is the wrong size .

I truly miss my parents, more so during the holidays then at any other time. It was always festive at my parents home. All the wonderful smells that hit you when you opened the door and hearing Christmas music playing.

 To this day, I know no one else who could come close to having all the friends like my parents did. The phone rang constantly and  people were always coming over for coffee or baking with my mom. 
My dad was president of No. 1 Fire hall for years and my mom had that magnetic personality that drew people to her.
Now a days people don't just drop in for coffee, at least not on my street. In the summer we are lucky if we saw two people outside!  When we lived on Pittsburgh Street and Grant Street,  people did come for coffee or were always outside stopping in to talk, This street we live on now is an old street and people pretty much keep to themselves.  It was very hard to get use to when we moved here, no traffic sounds, lack of people. It was very lonely for me.  But, just like with everything else that happens in life, I adjusted and got use to the quiet of people and traffic. We were only the 9th or 10 house built on our street. We had loads of blackberry bushes and apples. Slowly more houses were being built but the people stayed inside. Now the street is filled.  I love my backyard because our property ends where the woods start - nice and peaceful.  My boys were little and when they started school I met a lot of nice people and joining the PTA helped a lot.  You know, I don't think it is called the
PTA any longer. I'm not sure on that --I will have to ask.

My mom and dad always made the pizzales together. Just the two of the two of them with Christmas music playing. Their love was strong and my dad put my mom on a pedestal till the day he passed.
Gosh, how I would truly love to have Christmas one more time with my parents. Sometimes that feeling is so very strong, like I just want it to happen, right now.
 I wonder if anyone else ever feels that urgent need?

I do  reading about blogging and they say you should not talk about yourself. You should talk about something interesting to draw the people to your site.  I could do that - I could talk about how I love to make home made bread or the time Brian made 1 pie and used 5 lbs of flour and yet the pie was delicious. I could go on and on but again it is about my family and my self.  That's OK by me if no one is drawn to my blog or they don't find it interesting. I write for myself.  I wish my sons and their family would read it tho, so they could find out about their parents lives. But they are sons, and not one of them comment on it to say if they read it or not and I am not about to ask, I just assume they don't.  I'm not their number one person, they idolize their dad, they are always calling him about this or that. They have a lot in common with him, hunting, music, computers - so much more. My oldest son calls and ask about recipes or he calls to tell me about a memory he has about my parents. Both Brian and Ron always play polka's because every time we visited my parents on Sunday, polka's were always playing. Doug and Jeff were much younger and dont remember  much about that.

I will continue this at another time . . . . . . . . . .  . . .maybe, or just start another titile blog

In the meantime I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season - Merry Christmas to all in case I don't post till after wards.
Also I have a very special prayer request - please pray for the lady who is having a health problem. so it is nothing serious

Let us remember the true meaning of Christmas    Happy Birthday Dear Jesus

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