Sunday, July 17, 2011


Do I think I know a person to well?   Someone asked me that question recently. I was so ready to say yes, but stopped myself.  I actually thought about it.  Do I know my husband to well?  I know him well, but I don't believe I know him to well. Yes,  I know him as a husband and father.
I know him to well as a honest, loving, fair and fun father. I know him as a father who takes the time to listen to his sons. For never thinking twice to lend a helping hand. Seeing him melt when he is around his grandchildren  For giving when he sees that someone is in need. As a husband I think I know him more then to well and am blessed to have him.

But - - - as a employee in the work force I do not know him to well! Talking to a few people I found out that he is known as the "Guru" in his work field. Wow! I was surprised. I mean,  I know he is very intelligent and knows loads of trivia. It's evident that  he knows what he is talking about no matter what subject. He is a great musician and singer.  A excellent carpenter and handyman, but I never thought of him as the "Guru" in his field. The Computer field.

What a honor for him. I have always been proud of him, but this news made me  step back. I took  a good look - I know sometimes I tend to take people for granted. So no, I may think I know people
 to well, but realize that I don't.

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