Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mother of Sons Only

I have a friend who has 4 sons. We went to high school and beauty school together, got married the same year and on our way home from our honeymoon we visited them in DC .She is wonderful friend and so is her husband. But - - -
 I'm envious of her -why?
Because there is no confusion for her on the holidays, she doesn't have to figure out what time dinner is to accomodate everyone, all she has to do is tell them the time and they are all there both wives, girlfriends , grandkids & her sons. Everything runs so smooth for her. Her daughter in laws are always over their house at least 2 times a week, and yes they shop together without it being a special occasion and they call her on the phone to ask how she is.
Your probably wondering if the daughter-in-laws have their own parents and the answer is yes but my friend says that they always find time for them.
I'm wondering if their are any other mothers of sons out there who could comment on this Blog about their situations - - - - -

In the meantime the hustle & bustle are upon us and time is running out. -
- Running out for the material things we all do for Christmas, the shopping, wrapping, baking etc.  Traditions that have been carried on year after year - -  Life repeats itself  with different generations of the family. In time our roles reverse from being on the receiving end to now being the giving ones, we find that we are the  older generation, stepping into the shoes our parents previously wore.
 I remember my parents baking together, shopping together by streetcar -( they did not have a car as of yet.) doing all the fun things as a family, the same as we do now. getting excited for us kids to open the gifts, making traditonal food, making  up plates of cookies- - - -
It all boils down to FAMILY- the Dad, Mom and the kids along with the dog, cat grandparents , Uncles, Aunts - they make the family - those of us who still have this are truly blessed.
So many today are single parents, divorce is prevelent in most homes - that leaves the kids struggling - un happy and feeling unloved and like it is their fault. The parent that shows no love or caring because they are to busy do not deserve to be parents. What is more important then your children? The kids are the glue of the home - they need nuturing, love and caring - - - they need you - they did not ask to come into this world - 

Hope to hear many comments either way

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