Friday, July 16, 2010


Being a sentimenal person I have among my dishtowel drawer "Grandma's Apron"
It is a sturdy pinafore apron made up of white muslim  trimmed in green wih a little pocket that my Grandma Fidazzo made .
 I can still visulize Grandma wearing her hairnet over her snow white beautiful hair and her apron on making one of her home made recipe's. Home made Gnocchi's, Ravioli's and her homemade Pizza which everyone just loved, , they were just some of the delicious meals that she made with loving hands.

She wore her white apron every day but Sunday, Sunday she put on a fancier one but sill made by her hands.
Grandma would stay at her sons and daughters home's for visits every once in a while and she always brought her apron. Once when she was at our home she left her beloved apron behind, I have that loved apron to this day and treasure it - I don't wear it, I did have it hanging in the kitchen for a while but was afraid it would get ruined so back in the disth towel draawer it went and is still there.

Today's aprons are considered to be novelties, There are bar-b-que aprons, printed ones with funny sayings, ones that look like tuxedos, all kind to choose from. But, the aprons of yester year are scarce -  except  for those of us who are fortunate to have one of "Grandma's Aprons"


Polly said...

Oh, Dee, I love this post!! What a treasure you have. I remember how my own grandmas wore their little aprons, wiping their hands on them while they cooked and cleaned in the kitchen. They had some that were made from printed flour sacks. How I would love to have one of them today!!

Lisa E said...

Very nice nostalgice warm fuzzie memory Dee.

Polly said...

tonatheYou know, I also read that we should write in our blogs every day but sometimes I don't even think about it for a long time, then I'll get something on my mind that needs to be put into words for my great grandchildren to see someday!! I don't think it matters as long as it pleases us. I get sidetracked sometimes and write about things that don't seem to matter except to me and that's all that counts, I guess! I just love what you wrote about your grandma's apron.

Ginny Marie said...

I wish I had one of Grandma's aprons! I don't, but my daughter has a doll bed that was my Grandma's when she was a little girl. I wrote about it here: Grandma's Doll Bed

I left you a comment in your Blog Frog community. I was hoping to have some conversations about cancer in my community, if there was any interest. It would be nice to have discussions with people who understand!

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