Sunday, October 18, 2009


When it rains it pours is one of the sayings that I grew up with. Sometimes it rains not so good things and sometimes it rains good things and you want to be able to choose all of them. That happens to be the case this Sunday Morn.

Ron's brother Rich is in from Lancaster with his 3 year old son Suren so Ron's mother is making breakfast

for everyone and the breakfast that she makes is scrumptious. Homemade waffles with home made Maple

Syrup, bacon, sausage, fruit cup, juice and of course coffee. On the other hand really good friends of ours called last evening and left a message asking us if we could meet for breakfast this morning. Then this morning our youngest son Jeff called to ask us to meet them for breakfast!

We had committed to having breakfast up in White Oak so we would be able to see Rich and his son. Hopefully we will get rain checks on the other invitations as we would love to do both. As for me I am not doing the breakfast in White Oak because I am indisposed.:-(

So I miss out not only on the two we couldn't go to but the one we were to go to. Let's see I am having orange juice, oatmeal and tea.
That should help me out some what. Nope I did not even make it to church this morning which makes me feel crappy even more so.

Saturday was a fun day though. After breakfast Jeff called and told us about this neat Antique/Craft store that the fiddle player's wife has and asked us to meet them out there. What a beautiful ride we had on our way to Eden's Cottage Shop. The trees in all their splendor, different shades of reds and orange and yellows all blended in to make for an awesome sight to behold
The houses were all decorated for Harvest - - - -Hay rolls in the field along with corn stalks, rows of pumpkins waiting to be picked.

All of this beauty right within our fingertips to see instead of driving an hour to see what is in our own back yard. Eden's place is a collector's dream of, etc. costume jewelry, pottery, tea pots, vases, pictures etc. and all reasonably priced.
Every room was decorated for what the room was used for - bedroom, bathroom, living room and so on- it was like I never wanted to leave. While I was in my glory in the home Ron was in his glory in the Amish built barn where the fiddle player and some of his friends were jamming. The music sounded good and had your feet tappin. Ron did not want to leave there, we never did make it up to the new house they built because there was so much to see where we were. Chloe is their really friendly golden retriever
that you fall in love with at first sight. Did I mention the smell of apple cider through out and free to drink, also home made apple pies, dumplings - mmmmm mmmmm good.
We ended up the perfect day with dinner at Longhorn's and then went to the show - haven't been to a show in a coon's age

What a perfect Saturday for something that was not even planned!  The day included a stop at Pajer's Farm
Market to get some of those big luscious red peppers, apples. potatoes, egg plant and of course home made apple pie  - - - Heaven, I'm in heaven - -

We will continue to keep you updated about Tommy. Yesterday they were to tell him that his dad passed on the same day that he was injured in the bomb explosion. Nancy said it would be a very sad day for all of them. Please continue to keep Tommy in prayer, he has many more operations ahead of him to fix his broken battered body and that is what it is in the true sense of the word.

I am February's Daughter** Dee

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