Sunday, October 25, 2009


My goodness are you all enjoying the trees  in their glory with blazing colors of  red, yellow, orange, greenish yellow and when the sun is shining on them you just have to stop and stare at the beauty of "nature".  How cheerful our world looks because of Fall.  To think that in a few weeks if not less it will look drab and gray is depressing to say the least, not only that but we will leave daylight savings time and fall back into darkness so early in the day.

 Even though Fall is beautiful and all of the Fall Festivals are going on in PA with the hiking at its best with the leaves on the ground to push along as you trail the park, cool enough to enjoy the scenery without being dehydrated - it is still the season I dislike the most.- - -

My favorite season is SPRING - everything comes alive with the blaze of glory. From the tiny little leaf coming up from the ground,  to the buds on the tree about to burst open. There is an excitement in the air, the sense of expectancy that something grand is going to happen - and something grand does happen, the flowers on the Cheery trees burst out in all of their beautiful color, the buds on the Dogwood just ready to burst open, all of this is excitement for all of us.  We are just itching to get out and start work in the garden, to ready our tools to use, to take the covers off of our patio/deck  furniture . YES!! We are awake after hibernating
through the winter months without snow. to brighten our days, to take walks in - this lays all ahead of us
but we can be thankful that we are here to live through it, to walk through it, to smell the bon fire, to make the most of it,  It is my favorite time to make home made bread or have something smelling good cooking, To
light a candle and make your room look cozier and warm, or sitting by the fire memorized by the flames leaping up and down - -  -
we can find good in everything if we look hard enough and that goes for people also- -  -that is what we have to do - - -

How  I wish I could have a Blog like my neighbor friend who makes my life a little brighter and her blog does it to but I have no clue how to add my pictures or other what nots that I think would make this look more interesting    


Lisa E said...

My blog is all junked up. I tend to clutter everything!!! I can't believe this. NO one dislikes fall..........................except ME..................and I find out YOU too. Crazy! Very nice post Ms. Dee!

Lisa E said...

Oh Dee, I am so not ready to go to work again. Seems like the weekend went too fast. I am so glad you had a kiddies last night for a sleepover. Fun!

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