Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I had and still do have a nice computer desk. I had all of my "stuff" right where I wanted it including my blank checks, I had put them in a slot above the computer. I had my pens, pencils, writing tablets, heck I had everything where I wanted it, So maybe to some it looked like a cluttered desk BUT it was my desk and I happen to know where everything was at - - - that is until the day my husband decided to clean it up, Yep - he did the UNFORGIVEABLE.

He put everything where he thught it should be, he took all the drawers out and rearranged them. Putting things from one drawer into another. He took everything out of the slots and rearranged in other slots. What a mess he created for ME.
I wonder how he would react if I went to his place of work and did the same thing to his desk,
He would be furious I know. He could not understand why I was so upset when I ask him where something was and he said where it belongs!! He did not understand that I had it where I wanted it to belong!

So now I am down to one blank check in my check book with no idea of where my full box of blank checks are. My husband has been looking for where he put them all evening and so far he has come up blank. I am keeping my cool - no use arguing over something already done, it is what it is - I'll just have to use his checkbook and his money (lol).

As for all of the other things of mine that he has moved and I can't find, I go out and buy another one. I am not wasting all of my time looking for something that at one time I knew where it was and no longer know now.

Aah well - things could be a lot worse for sure - - - - -don't sweat the small stuff as they say

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