Saturday, September 19, 2015

So - interested in your opinion please

Through the years I always looked forward to reading the daily paper. I started out by reading the comics as a child. I looked forward to reading Nancy, Archie, etc. During those years my dad  sent me to the Paper Store to buy it. Later on delivery service brought it to our door, and still does today, except mostly it can be found in the yard or driveway, hardly ever in the box that it is suppose to be put in.
Yes, we still have the paper delivered, and I still read the comics along with the news, and whatever seems interesting to me. It has always has been a tradition to read the paper after dinner and Sunday afternoons. I do enjoy the Sunday Paper and still look forward to both the Valley and Press.
 Today, well lets say I just take the daily paper for granted, why? Because in todays world, the news is right at my fingertips with all of the technology. Heck, I can even get store's coupons off of my phone! There's the internet, smart phone, tablet, and t.v. - But-yes - I do still look forward to the editorials, letters from the people, and of course the comics and ads.
   Ron does not read the paper except for articles I save for him, so it is just me and I don't know if it is worth the price of the daily newspaper only for me - so I'm asking you - what do you think?
Let me take this one step further, Ron & I both have smart phones and the landline. I want to get rid of the landline and he does not - what have you done?
 I hope I get some opinions on this as I am really wanting to know.
     This is truly the last week of summer, as fall starts this coming week. Time for pumpkins, trees turning their leaves into beautiful display of color. I cannot believe how fast the seasons go, especially when the rains came and continued for awhile.
   ~~~~~ Not too many September morns left to enjoy the flowers, the gardens, the sounds of summer, so stop what your doing, go outside and look, really look around, take a deep breath and say a thank you to our Lord for being able to do this,  Then say a prayer for the refuge families that are risking all so they can let their children have a free life by taking them out of the ravaged war area. Memories are soothing to the soul


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