Sunday, November 23, 2014


Sometimes it is easy to forget the reality of life. Sometimes no matter how much we want to forget we can't. When I am with my family or around friends, I find it easy - I find it easy to forget that there is a box of Chemo pills on my dining room table waiting to be opened.  Yesterday and today was easy. Yesterday was filled with my grand kids basketball games, and lunch with dear friends we had not seen for awhile, it was a fun filled day. So it was easy to forget about the box.
  Today, Sunday has also been a fun day. After church and eating a delicious breakfast at Zatolla's, we picked up two of our grand kids to stay with us for a couple of hours while their parents were busy, driving them back to our place we made  a stop at Starbucks where they each ordered large Double Chocolate Frappuccino's. They were so happy and could not stop thanking us. For those of you who have grand kids, doesn't it make you feel really good inside to know you made them happy? Starbucks has captured all ages it seems, except for my husband who is not crazy about it, but I myself love the Peppermint Mocha during the holiday seasons.
  Any how we continued home where they helped their Pappy rake up and bag leaves. After that we had potato chips and they drank the rest of their Starbucks while we watched The Christmas Story. We never get tired of that movie - Anna sat beside me and Elizabeth was all curled up in her Pappy's recliner with a blanket, her chips and drink - it was a really lovely way to spend the afternoon.
    Today our oldest granddaughter turned 14, she was born on Thanksgiving day and that is when we celebrate her birthday. When we took the two girls home, we were invited in for dinner and to sing and share delicious ice cream cake with our birthday girl. A great way to end the weekend.
   But - when we got back home and I walked into the dining room, seeing the box brought me back to reality. Facing reality is hard!! It is hard for a lot of people in different ways. This box is my reality. Like I said, reality for me is difficult to face, but I can't run from it.    That is why I am so thankful that I am able to forget about it for hours. And that's what I was able to do this weekend.
   I have decided not to start taking the chemo pills until the day after Thanksgiving in case they make me sick - I sure do not want to ruin Thanksgiving, So I am going to have to look at this box every day, maybe I will even get up enough of nerve to open it instead of waiting until the last minute. We'll see - 
   But in the meantime I wanted to wish all of you a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving surrounded with loving family, & friends or just each other. I am very thankful for all of you - for your prayers and caring.
   It will be strange this year with our youngest not being with us as he is on duty from 7 to 11- but one of us will get a plate of Thanksgiving food to him. I pray that God keeps him out of harms way and his guarding angel watches over him and all of the other men and women that serve and protect us. 

  God bless you     Dee

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