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So this is what the seventies are all about. People that are in this category (like me) are called elderly, older citizens, or just plain old people. It is hard for me to grasp that I am in this age group.I don't think I should have those names attached to me, because I don't mentally feel  ELDERLY.
 First of all, my mind is young, body not, but from illness, not age. But alas it doesn't change the fact that I am classified as elderly. Me, seriously? Yep,
  I feel comfortable around people of all ages, and love to carry on conversations with the young ones too.. I learn a lot from listening to them. Like so much has changed since I was that age, and yet so much has not. Mothers are mothers, they want what's best for their child and love them unconditionally. When my boys were young, I was a firm believer in what ever Dr. Spock said, today if I  should mention Dr. Spock, young mothers say "who".
 My oldest son is 49, I can hardly believe it, it seems like yesterday that I was that age. I remember being in my forties quite vividly. Our house was very active, in fact my husband called it "Giant Eagle" because it was open 24 hours a day, every day!.
   Not a dull moment at all!  EVER!  Even though our neighbors were decent, they still called the police on us whenever my son Brian would practice playing his drums.  To this day I don't know why they didn't call us instead, didn't they know that the police would tell us who was making the complaint?  Anyhow, we lived with it, but between the music, cub scouts, PTA, sports, and everything else you can imagine fun loving boys would do, I worked. At first at night, then during the day. I wore many different hats during the years but the best one of all was the one that said "Mom", and of course "wife"
We were blessed with relatively healthy kids, with the usual childhood illness, and a lot of strep throat. They were close with each other growing up, played and fought, but made up and played. Close in high school also, each one cheering the other one on in what ever sport event was going on.
   I married young compared to the age of today. I was 20, had my first born at 21, my second at 22, my 3rd at 26 and my fourth at 28, all beautiful healthy boys.
   All those wonderful years are behind me, now I have beautiful, loving grandchildren to see grow. I am blessed to have 6 girls and 1 boy. All those years of never being able to buy frilly, girly things and I finally get to spoil too my hearts content "girls" and my little guy is easy to spoil, he is so lovable.
  My kids are now living my life and my husbands life, we watch, admire and enjoy the great job they are doing and are so proud of all of them. They are good men, loyal, trustworthy, loving and compassionate and kind. 
   Times are changing, and have been for quite some time, so as time marches on, so does our age.  I guess to a 30, 40, or 50 year old, we, who are in our seventies are elderly, We honestly are not, we still have a lot of spunk in us, so don't write us off as elderly or old.
   One day you will be in our shoes and know of what I write
  I hope I am blessed to live the rest of my seventies, I want to see my grandchildren grow, make decisions on schooling, etc. I would like to see the first woman become President, I would like to see a cure for cancer, I would like to see peace in the world, I would like to see all children in loving homes, heck there is so much I would like to see including many, many, more days of new beginnings. God willing and the creek don't rise, maybe I will.

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