Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Silverware Drawer

   Putting away my silverware this morning brought back childhood memories of yore.
I remember having to put the silverware in the drawer one on top of the other, perfectly, and it stayed that way!
    I can still see it in my mind, the times I would get a spoon or fork out of the drawer, it was always so picture perfect.
   My mom's bowls, glasses and cups were always put perfectly in the cupboards, that it looked like a picture out of  magazine.  Even her pots and pans. Mom was short and it was hard for her to reach the shelves in the cupboards, but somehow she always managed to do so.
   I wish I could be more like my mother I thought this morning. So while putting the silverware away, I did it the way my parents did, and it looks great. It will stay that way until this evening, then it will go back to looking sloppy, they will be all be in the correct slots ,but haphazardly for sure. Why.? because we are always in a rush to get things done. Same goes for the rest of the cupboards.    
  Back when I was a child, my mom didn't work and therefore had the time to do everything perfectly, even after I married and had children, hers were always perfect. She had two children 8 years apart, which had to help her keep things so neat. My way of thinking anyhow.
   I went to lunch with a few school friends a while back and the one asked me if I kept my clothing drawers as neat as my mom did, she remembered staying over and seeing how neat my socks, etc., were put in the drawers. I had to tell her no, not even close.
   Me, I had 4 young boys growing up close together in age, and I worked. My cupboards looked like someone had ransacked them looking for a treasure. True, I have two dining room cupboards where everything is neat as a pin, but that's it. Don't open a kitchen cupboard door unless your hand is out ready to catch a pot lid!  I am pretty good with my dishes and bowls in the dry sink, but the one that is used the most is a mess.  I grab the first bowl that is handy and I use that, I don't take the time to get a nice bowl, and I have to say I have some nice bowls, old fashion ones that I love, but never use. I can't say the same for my husband. When he cooks, which is pretty often, he does take time to use the nice old fashion ones and they look great on the table. He has his mom's artistic touch and patience.
    Even today, with the kids grown and out of the house I still do not take the time, maybe because I still work part time, and my health has not been that great. Thank goodness for my husband who makes the dining room table look so inviting when we have dinner - -
   What about you out there? Tell me about your cupboards please.


Sharon Lippincott said...

What fun to read about such utter trivia as kitchen cabinets, which just goes to prove there's nothing too mundane to write about.

My drawers are like yours. My mom was a perfectionist, but mainly about sewing. Not a stitch was out of place. Kitchen drawers? Aim for the right slot. I think it was/is a matter of priorities. Every now and then getting disgusted with the mess coincides with the need for a break, and I'll sort out a drawer, dumping crumbs and making it perfect. That's art. Art as in cake icing. Meant to be appreciated in the moment, not maintained or put on display.

Fun, fun post.

June Calender said...

My theory is that nothing is really trivia (except celebrity magazines) and that the state of our drawers and cabinets reflects our approach to life. You're a bit rushed and don't feel having perfectly straight lines of cutlery in the drawer matter much. I agree. I'm not very rushed but as long as they're clean and I can find them, I don't mind if they're not neat. The same with cabinets and the stuff in the fridge. I keep my clothing drawers fairly neat because I don't want the clothes (even the socks) to be a wrinkled mess when I put them on. Our mothers were of a different generation when they had less opportunity to be known for their "accomplishments" so they put the effort into those domestic things. We have other opportunities to express ourselves -- hurray!

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