Thursday, August 8, 2013

 Dear Friends (including my dear relatives.)
  I am asking you to pray for me tomorrow so that I have no serious complications or side affects from my LAST chemo treatment.
   It seems like forever that I have been getting these and now the end of it is here and the real battle begins.
   Some people with Breast Cancer have the hormone type, with that type there is a pill they can take for five years after. It is like having a safety net, something to back you up.
   With the Breast Cancer that I have there is no safety net, nothing to back me and the others who have the same type -TRIPLE NEGATIVE BREAST CANCER- 
   I, as all others pray to our Lord to keep us in remission, and we have check ups more often, but as of now, Chemo is the only thing that can kill any stray cancer cells that could be floating around in our bodies, and the cancer in the breast.
   They have not found a five year pill to take like they have for positive hormone breast cancer. They are working on it though.
    This time around I had a mastectomy, so I am praying for no recurrence, or for it to be anywhere else in my body. It's a scary thing, living with cancer. I put it out of my mind as much as I can, but no matter what it is always there.
     My sons and their families surprised Ron and myself with a wonderful 50 Wedding Reception, it was the reception we never had, (ours was cut very short by a tornado) most of you know the story. We were truly surprised to see everyone they invited, I don't know how they got the list from my side, but I am pretty sure Ron's mom gave them the list from his side. I have chemo brain to begin with so I believe everything I am told, they said they were taking us to a nice place for dinner and I believed them, it does not take much for me, as for Ron, well he was looking forward to a nice dinner with our sons and their family.  We did have a nice dinner with more than our sons & family, but most of all my brother and Ron's brothers & families, aunts, cousins, close friends - to say  it melted our hearts to see everyone is putting it mildly.
     Any way, as I talked with everyone I wondered if I would ever see them again, so I was trying to absorb everything about them and remembering fun times. Doug helped that with a fantastic slide show of our life "Through The Years."
    My goal is to see my oldest granddaughter graduate and God willing and the creek don't rise, my other grandchildren as well. I will settle for at least one.
    I understand what my mother in law means now, she always says she wants to stay around to see everyone, she does not want to leave us, and that is how I feel.
     I have been more fortunate than most with this illness, and I am very thankful to God for still being here. I will take whatever He gives me and be grateful.
Thank you all for your prayers, you are all in mine. God Bless
 for my grandchildren and theirs also 

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