Thursday, September 27, 2012


  So, today is "My Day." 
 I decided this when I woke up this morning.   As I lay in bed I was thinking of everything I could do. You know how you do? How a million things run through your mind at once and you don't know which one should be first.
 I could start so many different projects that have been put off, or I could spend the day cleaning. I chose none.

I am without a car, and that makes it very easy for me to stay home. A soft rain has been falling most of the day, which for me is a perfect day to read. It would also be lovely to spend time on the patio, and I should have, but I didn't.

I do have the living room window opened slightly and I can smell the rainy day.  When I look out, I see the rain coming down, and I snuggle even more in my pillow on the couch, thankful that I can. I am using this big, red, fat, fluffy pillow that makes it perfect to snuggle.
One thing I love and have never regretted is putting a Bay Window in our living room. Not only does it let God's light in on a bright day, but I can see so much more when I look out. It has been 13-1/2 yrs. since we had it put in, and I still think of it as brand new.

Even my kitty kat is being lazy today, he is all curled up on Ron's recliner and sound asleep. He must know I want a day of rest, because he is usually running around wanting to play or attacking my feet.

I have not been able to shake this sinus infection, when I think it is finally gone, it flares up again, so I have declared this "My Day."

What a great day to spend reading. I can't remember the last time I did this. Plus, I have also been playing games with my cousins on my I-phone. I always lose, it's the truth. Very rarely do I win, but it is fun. I also play with a couple of friends and lose to them too. I don't know what my problem is, nor do I care. I guess I should, but I don't.  It's been a fun day, and I did not have to spend any money to enjoy it!  I took a shower and have my comfortable pj's on. It's always an easier way to relax.

Oh, I cleaned a bit, I can't read when my house is a mess. And now I'm taking a break to watch "Katie,"  I am enjoying the show, and I picked the perfect day. She has Dehlia, the woman DJ as her guest. I use to listen to her every night, and I don't know if her show is still broadcast in the Pittsburgh area.

As for Katie Couric's show, it is like seeing another Katie, she is so fun, quick to laugh and giggle. She was so formal on her evening news program.
Diane Sawyer is straight face also, and she use to be fun when she was on GMA.

 I know I should be washing clothes, but I'll save it for tomorrow afternoon.
Looking out the window now, it is pouring down rain. Tough for the rush hour drive home.  I could not have picked a more perfect day to do what I wanted.

I will have to go out later to drive Ron down to pick up his car, and what a perfect excuse to stop for a Glen's Custard to mark the end of "My Day."
I do hope you enjoyed your day.

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Sharon Lippincott said...

Oh my golly, how you inspire me. A day of just lolling about. YES! Maybe if I pretend I have a nasty cold without the germs, runny nose, sore throat and hack ... Maybe if I take a day like this, I won't need to get a cold. Thanks for sharing the beauty and joy of your day.

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