Saturday, August 11, 2012


Sometimes I wonder if my children have special memories of ordinary moments from the past that creep up on them unexpectedly. Perhaps hot summer afternoons sitting on a blanket at Springdale pool; or summer lunches of corn on the cob, and fresh fruit; maybe listening to music played by their dad on the piano or guitar, or nights when we didn't have air conditioning and it was too hot to sleep.
  I’ll have to ask them. I’d like to know what ordinary moments live on in their minds like the afternoon memories of my childhood do in mine. 
  I remember waking up on summer mornings and feeling a slight breeze on my body, Walking to the pool and the closer I got, the more excitement I felt from hearing all of the kids squealing, and, of course, the four o'clock steel mill whistle ending the daylight shift and my signal to go home for supper. 
 I know that my two older sons still look for radio stations that play polka's on Sunday. It brings back ordinary moments they have of my parents playing them on their radio,
Also the Christmas album from the Partridge family would be a  Christmas moment, and the smell of freshly cut grass.
  My husband would say watching Happy Days and Lavern & Shirley with our whole family gathered in the living room.
Maybe they will read this and answer what ordinary moments they remember.
  What are your ordinary moments?


inChristalone said...

You brought in some nice sensory details in this blog post. I have a lot of memories like that, too. My memories were at Sylvan Pool with my kids. How fast the days went by! You are growing in your writing talents! :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Dee,

One of the things that I like about your blog is that I can usually relate. The other is that you make me think and perhaps reflect (such as on the neighborhood where I grew up, family traditions and now ordinary childhood memories). Thank you. I must say however, I'm sure we both think we grew up during the greatest time in America (and we did). We've got great childhood memories that we tried to recreate for our children and for our grandchildren. But alas, each generation is different.

My sister and I spent summers playing dolls, paper dolls, playing hopscotch, roller skating up and down the block, riding our bikes that we pretended were horses. Oh and not to be forgotten, jump rope and jacks too. Little girls hardly play with dolls any more and not many of them have doll buggies they push up and down the sidewalk as we did. Paper dolls are almost extinct. I wanted to buy some for Maci but wasn't going to spend $10.00 on the Disney Princess ones. I had bride paper dolls and The Lennon Sisters among many others. Our granddaughters won't have those memories.

However they will have other similar memories that every generation can share even tho slightly different...Christmas, Thanksgiving with the extended family of cousins. was always so much fun when our favorite cousin came to spend a week or when we went to her house for a week.

I could go on and on...

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