Monday, February 13, 2012

Comments from Whats in a Name

I love your latest blog. I was named after a song my mother must have loved..."I'll take you home again, Kathleen"

I've often wondered whatever happened to the names Susan, Patricia, Debra that were so popular when we were growing up. Thank God tho that some traditions do pass away and we weren't named Bertha or Gertrude. My husband's oldest granddaughter just had a baby girl and she named her Taviana. Good grief! I named my daughter Jennifer great grandmother was Jenny. I didn't want just a plain Jenny so went with Jennifer. My grandmother was still pleased when I explained I was naming my daughter after her mother but just the more formal version and we would call her Jenny.

By all means tell your sons why you named them what you did.


Thanks K,  I thank you for leaving your feedback and hope I will hear from others on their opinion of their name.

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